Volume 3, Number 2, May 1981, p.7.

Conservator's Treatment Label

by James L. Greaves

We are pleased to announce that Douglas and Dorothy Adams of Conservation Materials, Ltd. are now stocking the Conservator's Treatment Label (a copy is enclosed within this Newsletter). The label, based on one first proposed by Jim Greaves in the WAAC Newsletter, Vol. 2. No. 1, February 1980 will be made available nationally through Conservation Materials, Ltd.'s catalogue for a nominal cost. Three sizes have been printed for initial flexibility and experimentation. The labels are printed on high quality Process Art Paper (from Process Materials Corp.) without adhesive in order that the conservator may select his preference, i.e., paste, CM Bond PSVA, contact spray.

The labels are not in any way intended to replace other records, but to travel with the object to provide a summary of important information that might assist in a future treatment, especially in emergency situations. Information on deacidification and fumigation may avoid unnecessary duplication of treatments. The conservator's name and address are provided as a source for more complete information.

These labels were originally conceived with paper and paintings conservation in mind, but through attachment to bases or storage boxes, they may prove useful in other disciplines as well. After some trial usage and feedback the labels can be modified or if demand justifies it, varied labels might be adapted for different specialties. Any reactions to or suggestions regarding the labels should be directed to Jim, c/o LACMA.

Our special thanks to Doug and Dorothy for taking it up themselves to produce the labels and make them available to the profession.


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