JAIC 1982, Volume 21, Number 2, Article 6 (pp. 80 to 85)
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Journal of the American Institute for Conservation
JAIC 1982, Volume 21, Number 2, Article 6 (pp. 80 to 85)


R. Newman, J. R. Dennis, & E. Farrell


Three of the six niello recipes in the Mappae Clavicula, a manuscript probably of 9th-century origin, direct that the metallic sulfides be ground up, mixed with vinegar to form an ink, designs written with this ink on the vessel, and the designs then heated to fix them into place. See recipes 56, 89b, and 206 in: C.S.Smith and J.G.Hawthorne, “Mappae Clavicula. A Little Key to the World of Medieval Techniques,” Transactions Am. Phil. Society, new series, 64 (1974).

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