Bookbinding and the Conservation of Books
A Dictionary of Descriptive Terminology

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two on and one off

A form of the HOLLOW , consisting of the basic cloth lining applied directly to the spine of the book followed by a strip of heavy kraft paper three times the width of the rounded spine glued to this lining, overlapping the spine on one side only. The overlapping part is folded back on itself even with the joint, slid off the spine, and then folded over to make a tube. This is replaced on the spine and the superfluous paper is trimmed off. Depending on the way the hollow is glued on, this method gives "two on and one off" or "one on and two off." Variations of this technique may be achieved by increasing the width of the kraft paper to give "two on and two off," "two on and three off," etc. See also: SPINE LINING (1) . (236 )

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