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Thouvenin, Joseph ( 1790-1834 )

A 19th century French bookbinder (gilder), Thouvenin (l'aine), as he was often called, was the oldest of three brothers, all bookbinders active during the French Restoration, or thereafter. Joseph Thouvenin actually did most of his work during the period of the Empire, starting his apprenticeship with the younger Bozerian in 1802. Although he is generally credited with raising the standards of French bookbinding from the depths to which it had declined during the Revolution and thereafter, he is probably best remembered for his revival of a style of binding, which, because of him, came to be known as the FANFARE STYLE , taking that name from his binding of Fanfares et Corvées abbadesques. He is also credited with the introduction of the FLY EMBOSSING PRESS .

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