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Thou, Jacques Auguste de ( 1553-1617 )

The French historian, statesman, royal librarian, and perhaps the most famous bibliophile since JEAN GROLIER . Thou inherited his father's library of (rare) books in 1583. Many of his books were simply bound in red, olive, or citron colored morocco, with plain boards, a few border lines in gilt, and his coat of arms in the center of the upper cover, surrounded by laurel branches, but with only the title and his cipher on the spine. Other volumes were bound in the celebrated FANFARE STYLE . Thou had books printed on paper made especially for him, and by the time of his death had accumulated a library of some 1,000 manuscripts and 8,000 books. His library was sold in a series of sales by several owners from 1680 to 1789. Because of the high quality of his books and the ease with which they can be recognized, their survival rate is very high.

Thou is generally called de Thou and is often indexed under D, although his Latin name, and the one under which he wrote, was and is Thuanus. (50 , 94 , 286 )

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