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A Dictionary of Descriptive Terminology

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string prints

Decorative end- and cover papers produced by using string as a medium for printing. This technique, in which a line pattern is emphasized, involves tying string around a block, inking it with a brayer and then pressing the block against the paper. The paper may also be pressed against the block. The string may also be tied around the brayer, which is then rolled over the printers' ink and then onto the paper. As the brayer rolls across the sheet the pattern repeats itself. Rolling in different directions and using more than one color results in a variation of design. For more control in shaping the design in a formal arrangement, the string can be glued to the block in the pattern desired and then inked and printed. String prints may also be combined with other media, the paper being rolled first with one color and the string print applied over it in a different color. The technique is also used in the production of paste papers. (183 )

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