Bookbinding and the Conservation of Books
A Dictionary of Descriptive Terminology

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smashing machine

A vertical press that is used to apply enormous pressure to material. Smashers are often provided with automatic conveyer belts, the books being piled at one end of the press on the belt in equal numbers in several piles and automatically conveyed under the smasher head. There the books are smashed either once or twice, as required, and then moved out of the press by the same conveyer, from which they are removed manually. The smasher remains for a preset time in its compressed position (DWELL TIME ). It has no clamp to prevent the slippage of sections and can therefore be used to smash only those books that have so little swell in the spine that they will notRUN IN , otherwise they must first be nipped. See: NIPPING PRESS . At times it is possible to smash books with considerable swell by feeding them in pairs of two with the spines alternating and the fore edges projecting beyond the spines. See also: BUNDLING PRESS . (320 , 339 )

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