Bookbinding and the Conservation of Books
A Dictionary of Descriptive Terminology

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nipping press

A small press consisting essentially of a fixed, horizontal iron base plate, and an upper, movable platen that is raised and lowered by means of a relatively long, vertical screw. The nipping press is used to apply quick and uniform pressure in a variety of bookbinding operations. While the nipping press does not have the available DAYLIGHT or the pressing power of the STANDING PRESS , it is relatively easy to open and close which makes it very useful for a quick pressing operations. The true nipping press does not release its pressure until released by the turning of the screw; however, substitute "nipping presses," which are really "letter-presses" or "copying presses," once used in business offices for "copying" letters, are limited in their ability to apply pressure because they have a tendency to ease the pressure when the handle is released. (203 , 335 )

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