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A Dictionary of Descriptive Terminology

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1. The raw integument of a mature, fully grown animal of the smaller type, e.g., goatskin, sheepskin, pigskin, etc.; or the covering of an immature animal of the larger type, e.g., calfskin. The term also applies to a small hide; among cattle hides, for example, it would include one weighing less than 15 pounds in the green salted state. For a description of the physiology of the integument, see: LEATHER . 2. The leather produced from such a material which has not been split. See also: BASIL ;ROAN . 3. The covering of a fur-bearing animal, dressed and finished with the fur on, i.e., a PELT . 4. A high, hard finish on paper or board. 5. An expression sometimes used to indicate the tearing of paper, with reference to the fact that when paper is torn the fibers are not broken but pulled apart, i.e., the paper "skins" better when torn along the length of the MACHINE DIRECTION rather than across it. (17 , 26 , 363 )

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