Bookbinding and the Conservation of Books
A Dictionary of Descriptive Terminology

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signed bindings

Bookbindings signed by the binder. Several forms of "signatures" have been used over the years, including: 1) the initials, cypher, or name of the binder tooled in blind on the outer surface of one of the covers, either by means of a tool or with a roll; 2) BINDER'S TICKET ; 3) a stamped name, mainly on the inside edge of the lower cover, but also at the tail of the spine, inside the upper cover, on the inside of the front hinge, and. in modern times, in ink at the edge of one of the flyleaves; 4) a note inserted in the book by the owner; and 5) sometimes external evidence, such as a description of the work done, as with Roger Payne, or correspondence; or a famous style—Edgar Mansfield, Paul Bonet, etc. (69 )

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