Bookbinding and the Conservation of Books
A Dictionary of Descriptive Terminology

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1. A single piece of paper, board, paper pulp, cellulose acetate film, etc. 2. The continuous web of paper as it is being manufactured by machine, or the single unit as it is being made by hand. 3. A general term applied to paper and/or board in any form and in any quantity which, when used with appropriate modifiers, indicates general or specific attributes of that sheet, including quality, class, use, grade, or physical properties, such as an opaque sheet, etc. 4. To cut paper or board into sheets of desired size from a roll or web. 5. A piece of paper printed in such a manner that it may be folded to form consecutive pages for publication of the required size. See: IMPOSITION . 6. To place freshly printed sheets between unprinted sheets for drying and to prevent OFFSET (2) , i.e., to slipsheet. 7. As used in collation, a separate sheet of any size printed to be read unfolded, i.e., with the text or illustration imposed on a single page on one side or on each side of the paper. 8. A sheet of any material, such as a leaf of gold, silver, etc. 9. Another term for the surface or cover of the mold or dandy roll, but sometimes restricted to this before it is placed in position. (17 , 264 , 343 )

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