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A Dictionary of Descriptive Terminology

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1. See: PLOW . 2. The process of reducing the overall natural substance of a tanned hide by removing small pieces with a currier's knife (the sharp edge of which is at right angles to the blade), the blade being held at right angles to the flesh surface of the leather. The operation is performed over a special beam, one having a flatter surface than that of the beam used for other leather-making processes. The pieces shaved off are useless as leather and were sometimes boiled in water to make glue or gelatin sizing for paper. The purpose of shaving is to make the skins even in thickness, as well as to smooth and clean them. Virtually no hides and very few skins are shaved today, the process having been replaced by splitting. Any shaving that is still done is usually of light skins and is done by machine. (363 )

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