Bookbinding and the Conservation of Books
A Dictionary of Descriptive Terminology

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setting out

The process of smoothing, stretching and removing excess water from newly tanned skins. Setting out is similar to SLICKING (1) , except that the skin is placed flesh side down and a much blunter blade is worked over the grain side. Setting out may also be done in a machine similar to a fleshing or unhairing machine; the skin is fed against a rotating, blunt, helically bladed cylinder while being supported on a soft rubber roller. Another type of setting-out machine clamps the skin over a half cylinder covered with rubber, and rotates it forward and backward against a bladed cylinder. While setting out removes some water, its distinctive purpose is to "set" the Fain i e-, flatten and smooth the grain surface to remove any irregularities, and also stretch the skin to its maximum area. Also called "putting out." (306 )

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