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Those woods suitable for the manufacture of chemical and mechanical wood pulp. The principal trees from which wood pulp is obtained include:
Conifers (softwoods)
 Black spruce                Picea mariana           North America (N. A.)
 Douglas fir                 Pseudotsuga taxifolia   N. A.
 Jack pine                   Pinus banksiana         N. A.
 Norway spruce               Picea abies             Europe (E.)
 Radiata pine                Pinus radiata           New Zealand
 Red spruce                  Picea rubens            N. A.
 Scots pine                  Pinus sylvlestris       E.
 Silver fir                  Abies alba              E.
 Sitka spruce                Picea sitchensis        N. A.
 Slash pine                  Pinus caribaea          N. A.
 White fir                   Abies concolor          N. A.
 White spruce                Picea glauca            N. A.
Broadleaf trees (hardwoods)
 Aspen, poplar               Populus tremula and     E.
                             P. tremuloides          N. A.
 European birch              Betula verrucosa        E.
 European oak                Quercus robur           E.
 Paper birch                 Betula papyrifera       N. A.
 Red maple                   Acer rubrum             N. A.
 Red oak                     Quercus rubra           N. A.
 Saligna gum                 Eucalyptus saligna      South Africa
 Sycamore                    Acer pseudoplatanus     E.
 Tasmanian oak               Eucalyptus regnans
                             and E. obliqua          Australia
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