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A Dictionary of Descriptive Terminology

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printed papers

Decorative end- and cover papers printed or stencilled with designs, figures, borders, etc. Many of these original papers, printed in the 18th century by the dominotiers (from the Italian domino, little cloak or hood, part of the costume of the men who did marbling) of France, had their origin in early wall papers, except that most had smaller designs than those used for wall decorations. They were printed on small sheets of paper in a wide variety of designs, ranging from simple, almost crude woodcuts in one color only to patterns printed in two or more colors. There were papers in a multitude of stripes, including wide bands of color with a floral stripe between, horizontal lines broken up with sprays of flowers tied in knots of ribbon, designs of small flowers on cream backgrounds, bold patterns with conventional carnations, grapes, roses, intricate strapwork in three colors, etc. (183 , 217 )

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