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A Dictionary of Descriptive Terminology

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polyvinyl acetate

A vinyl resin, one of the clear, water-white, thermoplastic synthetic resins produced from its monomer by emulsion polymerization. Polyvinyl acetate, abbreviated PVA , has the advantage over the other resinous adhesives in that it is available in the form of an emulsion that is readily diluted with water, is easily applied, and is safe to use because it contains no flammable solvents. In addition, there is no need to use preservatives or fungicides because it does not deteriorate quickly and is unaffected by mold or fungi. The emulsion does slowly hydrolyze, however, and should not be stored for more than one or two years before use. Freezing also destroys the emulsion; therefore, precautions must be taken to avoid exposing it to temperatures near or below the freezing point. (37 , 198 , 235 )

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