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polyester fibers

Synthetic paper fibers prepared and spun by procedures similar to those used in producing nylon. The long polymer chains in the filaments are arranged randomly and have very little orientation in line with the longitudinal axis of the filament; consequently the filaments have relatively little strength. Strength is added by drawing or stretching the filaments approximately two to five times their original length. The polymer chains become oriented in this stretching, with an accompanying decrease in filament diameter along the major axis of the filament. In addition, it is possible to develop a relatively high degree of lateral order (crystallinity) of the polymer chains by means of heat or solvent treatment. The filaments assume the cross-sectional configuration of the spinneret hole, which is usually circular, although non-circular cross sections are also used. The drawing process leaves the circular cross-sectional configuration unchanged; however, it does reduce the sharpness of the non-round cross section. (42 )

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