Bookbinding and the Conservation of Books
A Dictionary of Descriptive Terminology

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panel stamp

A relatively large block of metal or wood, usually the former, engraved intaglio, and used to impress a design on the cover of a book. Although little used today, the panel stamp dates back perhaps 700 years or more, to the 13th century where it was used in Antwerp. The panel stamp was in use throughout the 14th century in the Netherlands, in Cologne before 1400, and in Paris before 1500. The first use of such stamps in England was the period 1480 to t490. Except in Germany and the Netherlands, they were used very little, if at all, after 1550 until revived in the 1820s for use in embossing bindings. The designs created by the use of panel stamps were almost invariably in blind. (156 , 236 , 347 )

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