Bookbinding and the Conservation of Books
A Dictionary of Descriptive Terminology

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1. The blank leaves added at the end of a thin publication so as to form a volume with sufficient thickness to be rounded and backed and/or to be lettered on the spine. Unfortunately, the paper used for this purpose is usually of an inferior quality, and becomes embrittled and transfers its acidity to the leaves of the publication. Also called "filler," or "filling." 2. A method of securing ruled, printed or blank leaves by the application of a padding compound, and sometimes a cloth or other reinforcing liner, to one edge (frequently the top) of the sheets which have been jogged even on the binding edge and placed under pressure. Special padding troughs, clamps and presses are used to facilitate padding large quantities at one time. See also: PAD COUNTER (2) ;PADDING COMPOUND . 3. A method of applying dyestuff to the grain surface of a leather or tawed skin, particularly the latter, in cases where it is not feasible to immerse the skins in the dyestuff liquor because of the increased fullness and decreased stretch which will result from such immersion. (179 , 196 , 234 , 291 )

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