Bookbinding and the Conservation of Books
A Dictionary of Descriptive Terminology

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pad counter

1. A simple type of gauge used to divide the leaves of a book into "sections" of the appropriate thickness for oversewing. Two gauges are generally used, one to divide the leaves into sections 0.055 inch in thickness, the other to divide bulkier paper into sections 0.065 inch thick. 2. A device consisting of two flat blades, one of which is adjustable to any distance from the other, and used to determine the number of sheets in a pad. The number of sheets wanted in each pad of a production run is counted out (five extra sheets being added to allow for a snug fit when setting the gauge). The counted pile is placed between the two blades and the movable blade is tightened, following which the five extra sheets are removed. If the fixed blade is placed directly on top of the pile of stock and firm pressure is applied as the adjustable blade is slid into the pile, the counter will pick up approximately the number of sheets desired. See also: CHECK PILE . (74 , 164 )

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