Bookbinding and the Conservation of Books
A Dictionary of Descriptive Terminology

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one-shot method

1. The trade name for a method of applying adhesive in highspeed paperback binding, in which one application of a hot-melt adhesive is applied to the spine of each book, in distinction to the application of both hot and cold adhesives. The one-shot method is extremely rapid, as the adhesive begins to set almost as soon as it is removed from the source of heat and has practically fully set within a matter of seconds, depending on the type of adhesive used. This allows the book to be handled and trimmed straight from the adhesive binding machine. Problems develop, however, when the one-shot method is used in binding heavily coated or loaded papers, because if all of the coating or loading dust is not removed from the paper, the adhesive may not adhere well to the leaves. 2. A colloquial term for the process of deacidifying paper through the use of one alkaline solution, as opposed to methods requiring the use of double treatments. See also: ADHESIVE BINDING ;DEACIDIFICATION ;DOUBLE DECOMPOSITION ;HOT-MELT ADHESIVE ;TWO-SHOT METHOD .

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