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Manutius, Aldus ( c 1450-1515 )

The leading publisher and printer of the Venetian High Renaissance, Aldus set up a definite scheme of book design, produced the first italic type, introduced small and handy pocket editions of the classics and applied several innovations in binding technique and design for use on a broad scheme. He established his press in about 1490, and his printer's device of anchor and dolphin has been copied by numerous printers since. Between 1515 and 1533 the press was managed by his father-in-law, Andrea Asolano, until Aldus' son, Paulus (born 1511) came of age. Aldus' grandson, Aldus the Younger, took over the press upon the death of Paulus (1574) and subsequently closed it in 1590 when he was appointed director of the Vatican Press. See also: ALDINE (ITALIAN) STYLE . (104 , 154 , 252 , 313 , 334 )

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