Bookbinding and the Conservation of Books
A Dictionary of Descriptive Terminology

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library binding

The business of providing specialized binding services to public, private, institutional, and other libraries. Library binding, like job binding, relies heavily on handwork, supplemented by the use of specialized equipment, such as sewing machines, rounding and backing machines, board cutters, blocking presses, smashing and nipping machines, etc. The services offered by library binders include prebinding, rebinding, serial (periodical or magazine) binding, pamphlet and adhesive binding, box and portfolio construction, general repair work, and, in some binderies, rebinding and/or restoring rare or valuable books, Bibles, etc.

Library binding must provide a book which will open fairly easily and retain its shape after repeated openings. It must also possess sufficient durability to last as long as the paper on which the book is printed, and be priced in accordance with the quality of the work. See also: BOOKBINDING ; LIBRARY SEWING ; OVERSEWING . (58 , 81 , 121 , 209 , 293 )

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