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Hollis, Thomas ( 1720-1774 )

An eccentric English philanthropist and propagandist of the idea of liberty. Hollis distributed books in support of liberty, particularly to libraries abroad, such as those at Berne, Zurich, and Harvard College. The bindings were commissioned from John Matthewman or Richard Montagu, and decorated with emblematic tools designed by G. B. Cipriani, the original drawings for which are now at Harvard. When the first set of tools was destroyed in a fire in Matthewman's shop in 1764 a second set was engraved by Thomas Pingo. These subjects include Britannica, Liberty, the caduceus of Mercury, the wand of Aesculapius, the owl of Minerva, a cock, a liberty cap, and the short Roman sword, or pugio . The simpler bindings were by Matthewman, while Montagu executed the more elaborate presentation bindings. ( , 244 , 297 )

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