Bookbinding and the Conservation of Books
A Dictionary of Descriptive Terminology

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1. A material, such as acrylic, starch or pyroxylin, used to fill the interstices of a base fabric. The principal characteristics desired include cheapness, flexibility, water resistance, durability, printability, mold and fungi resistance, and resistance to insects and other vermin. See also: BOOK CLOTH ; BUCKRAM . 2. Usually, a non-fibrous material added to the fiber furnish of paper. The major characteristics desired include cheapness, opacity, printability, color, and flatness. See also: LOADING (2) . 3. The inner ply or plies of a board made up of multiple layers. 4. An ornamented outline or border in gold or color. 5. A relatively nonadhesive substance. such as clay, diatomaceous earth, walnut shell flour, etc., used to extend an adhesive or to provide increased bulk. and/or to improve its working properties, strength, permanence, or other characteristics. See a1so: BINDER (4) ;EXTENDER (1) . 6. See: PADDING (t). (17 , 42 ,22 , 309 ,350 )

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