Bookbinding and the Conservation of Books
A Dictionary of Descriptive Terminology

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1. All of the copies of a work printed from the same type or plates, either issued at one time or at intervals. In the latter case, the edition may consist of a number of impressions. A statement of the edition of a book is often printed on the title page or its verso, along with the particulars of any previous editions on the verso. 2. A number of copies of a work printed at any one time, either when the text has undergone changes or the type has been partially or entirely reset, or the format of the book has been altered. The term is also applied to the copies which made up the original issue, i.e., the "first edition," as well as any subsequent editions, e.g., 2nd, revised, etc. 3. The embodiment of a work in a particular typographical form, with different editions embodying an identical text, or varying texts. 4. One of the various editions of a newspaper. See also: EXTRA-ILLUSTRATED ;FINE PAPER COPY ;FIRST EDITION ;IMPRESSION (5) ;LARGE PAPER COPY ;LIBRARY EDITION ;


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