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drawn marble

A general term applied to a type of edge marble consisting of multi-colored scales. The colors used are black, blue, or green, yellow and red, put on the size in that order. The black is dropped on in such a manner that the first drop comes into contact with the edge of the second, the second with that of the third, and so on, so that a color ribbon is formed. The blue (or green) is placed on the size in unconnected drops on both sides of the black. The yellow is dropped on both sides of the black so that each drop of blue has a yellow center and the red is placed so that each drop of yellow has a red center. The colors are then drawn by a stylus in wavy lines through each other past the black, producing white lines between the colors. The comb is then drawn across producing the scales. Variations of drawn marbles, in addition to comb edges, include the "American, " "bouquet, " "peacock, " and "snail." (264 )

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