Bookbinding and the Conservation of Books
A Dictionary of Descriptive Terminology

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cut ( cutting )

1. To trim the edges of books. See: BLED ;CROPPED ;CUT AT THE HEAD ;CUT DOWN (1) ;CUT FLUSH ;CUT SOLID (1) ;

OPENED ;OUT OF BOARDS ;PROOF (1) ;TRIMMING (1) . 2. A term sometimes applied to a book which has had its edges cut. 3. To cut the cloth, leather, vellum, or paper covering for a book. 4. Cutting so as to enable other operations to be carried out, e.g., a sheet imposed work and turn has to be cut in half before it can be folded. See: IMPOSITION .

5. The incision made in opening bolts of sections to facilitate tipping-in inserts. 6. The cut made in separating lifts (piles) of sheets for binding. (82 , 154 , 196 , 256 )

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