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In a strict sense. a leather made from the unsplit hide or the grain split of the hide of a cow; however, the term is sometimes used to indicate leather made from the hide of any bovine animal. The term is not apPlied to leather made from the flesh split of a cow or any other bovine animal. Cowhide has a slight grain or corrugation, and is a tough and strong leather. takes gold tooling well. and, when properly Prepared, wears well. In addition. if it is of the best quality (and handled frequently), it is usually very durable.

Cowhide is not often used for covering books, except possibly very large volumes, such as blankbooks. Even the usual grain split is far too thick for the usual book, and, if pared to a thickness suitable for such a book, it loses a considerable part of its strength. See also: AMERICAN RUSSIA ;IMITATION RUSSIA ;RUSSIA LEATHER .

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