Bookbinding and the Conservation of Books
A Dictionary of Descriptive Terminology

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certified library bindery

A bookbinding establishment in the United States or Canada that specializes in library binding and meets the minimum specifications of the Library Binding Institute, as outlined in the CERTIFICATION PLAN . A certified library binder is defined as one who produces binding which will achieve two objectives: 1) meet the requirements of libraries for an end product capable of withstanding the rigors of normal library circulation or use; and 2) provide maximum reader usability. A certified library binder is required to warrant that the binding covered by his invoice is Library Binding and complies with all requirements of the Library Binding Institute Standards for Library Binding, except as noted in the invoice. Certified library binders are also required to adhere to the Trade Practice Regulation for the Library Binding Industry, maintain compulsory insurance to protect the customer's property in their custody, and participate in the industry quality control program. (131 , 208 )

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