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The dry pods of a shrub native to Chile (Caesalpinia brevifolia), from which a tannin is extracted. As a tanning material, algarobilla somewhat resembles DIVI-DIVI ; however, it is less prone to discolor the leather. It also produces a better weight and imparts greater firmness to leather. Algarobilla gives a light-colored tan liquor which before fermentation colors leather slightly to a light reddish yellow; however, after fermentation it produces a very bright color. It is usually blended with other tannins. Although algarobilla is one of the pyrogallol class of tannins, it penetrates the hide substance very rapidly, and has a fairly low natural pH and salts content and a relatively high acids content. The tannin content of the pods is generally in the range of 45-50%. See also: VEGETABLE TANNINS , (175 )

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