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The tannin-rich pods of a large genus of trees and woody climbers (Caesalpinia) native to the tropics and sub-tropics The most important is Caesalpinia coriaria. Divi-divi pods contain a high percentage of tannin (40-4%) which is easily leached out. It is one of the pyrogallol class of tannins and produces a light-colored leather. It is usually used along with other tannins, because when used alone it produces a leather that is soft and spongy in a damp atmosphere and which lacks pliability in dry weather. In addition, the amount of sugary matter present in the pods results in too rapid fermentation of the tan liquor. This may produce reddish stains in the leather, which can, however, be controlled to some extent by the use of appropriate antiseptics. Divi-divi is also used in leather manufacture as a dye. See also: VEGETABLE TANNINS . (175 )

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