Book and Paper Group Annual
Volume 19 2000
The American Institute for Conservation

ASTM Paper Aging Research Program
R. Bruce Arnold

A Global approach: Setting Up a Preservation Program at Makerere University Library in Kampala, Uganda
Frederick Bearman
El�onore Kissel

Industrial Hubris: A Revisionist History of the Papermaking Machine (Abstract)
John Bidwell

Gods, Kings, and Tigers: Conservation and Exhibition of Paintings and Drawings from Kotah, India (Abstract)
Craigen W. Bowen

Paper Splitting: A Paper Strengthening Process (Abstract)
Jana Dambrogio
Irene Br�ckle

Cuba Paradigms: 1. The Johns Hopkins University Experience
Jeanne Drewes

Cuba Paradigms: The NEDCC Experience
Walter Newman
Todd Pattison

'If These Walls could Talk ...': Treatment of the Crawford Dining Room Collage
Judith Emprechtinger

Washing and Humidifying Iron Gall Ink on Paper: Effects on Iron Migration (Abstract)
Elmer Eusman
Kees Mensch

Fungal Spots in a Book Dated 1854: Causative Species ID and Distribution; and Time, Source, and Method of Contamination (Abstract)
Mary-Lou Florian

Materials, Techniques, and Visual Perception in the Graphite Portrait Drawings of J.A.D. Ingres (Abstract)
Ken Grant

Wallpapers at Winterthur: Seeing Them in a 'New Light'
Cyntia Karnes
Julie Dennin Ream
Elizabethi C. Wendelin

Conservation in Brazil: Challenges and Achievements
Olga Souza Marder
Norma Cassares
Solange Sette zu�iga

Aesthetic vs. Ethics: Approaches to Remounting Asian Scroll and screen Paintings (Abstract)
Yoshiyuki Nishio

Paper and Politics: Working with South African Paper Conservators (Abstract)
Elissa M. O'Loughlin

Conservation and the Politics of Use and Value in Research Libraries
Jan Paris

The Best of Intentions: Reconsidered (Abstract)
Karen L. Pavelka

Conservation in the Holy Land: Book and Paper Conservation Activities at the Bah�'I World Centre (Abstract)
Patrick Ravines

Jackets Recommended: The Case for Preserving Dust Jackets in Research Libraries (Abstract)
Randy Silverman

Cruikshank on Paper
Ted Stanley

Fungal Deterioration of Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century Documents: A Case Study of the Tilghman Family Collection, Wye House, Easton, Maryland (Abstract)
Hanna Szczepanowska
R. Cavaliere

Design Materials Used by Arthur Dove in His Late Sketches (Abstract)
Dana M. Tepper
Beth A. Price

Association for the Conservation of the Cultural Patrimony of the Americas
Amparo R. de Torres

The Book and Paper Conservation Program at the Academy of Art and Design, Stuttgart
Friederike Zimmern
Ingrid Schwarz

Board Slotting: A Machine-Supported Book Conservation Method
Friederike Zimmern

A Pre-packaged alpha-Amylase Poulticing System: Albertina-Kompresse
Ingrid Schwarz

A Simple Method for Tinting Repair Papers
Julie L. Biggs

Barcoding at the Folger Shakespeare Library
Linda A. Blaser

A History of Fish Glue as an Artist's Material: Applications in Paper and Parchment Artifacts
Tatyana Petukhova

Binding Repairs for Special Collections at the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center
Olivia Primanis

The Use of Handheld Computers in Preservation and Conservation Settings
Andrew Robb
Jeanne Drewes

Survey of Current Methods and Materials Used for the Conservation of Leather Bookbindings
Kristen St. John

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