Book and Paper Group Annual
Volume 17 1998
The American Institute for Conservation

The Aftermath of Arson: Packing A Freezer Trailer, and Other Tidbits
Catherine Atwood

Developing a Rural Model for a Regional Disaster Planning Network: A Case Study in Southwestern Kansas
Whitney Baker

Predicting Failure in Hinges: Measurement of a Lap/Shear Bond between Japanese Tissue, Wheat Starch Paste, and Oil-Saturated Newsprint
Ann M. Baldwin

Bookkeeper´┐Ż for Spray Use in Single Item Treatments
Terry Boone
Lynn Kidder
Susan Russick

The Copying Pencil: Composition, History, and Conservation Implications
Liz Dube

Temporary Masks For Aqueous Paper Treatments
Antoinette Dwan

Natural Freeze Drying: A Viable Option
Betsy Palmer Eldridge

A Collection of Value: Mass-market Paperbacks at the Library of Congress
Clark Evans
Colleen Stumbaugh

Paperback Rebinding at a Library Repair Station
Gary Frost

Adoption of the Codex Book: Parable of a New Reading Mode
Gary Frost

Removing Back-To-Back Labels
William Minter

An Experimental Book Structure for Conservation
Linda K. Ogden
Margaret Brown

The Design of a Photo Album Structure with Removable Leaves: Rebinding Photographs Vol. III by Lewis Carroll
Olivia Primanis

A Comparison of Some Photo-Reproduction Techniques
Nancy Purinton

Inpainting/Overpainting Paper Art: Using Mixed Dry Pigments and Complementary Colors
Christine Smith

A Tool for Pressure Sensitive Tape Removal: The AirPencil
Ted Stanley

Phased Conservation
Peter Waters

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