Book and Paper Group Annual
Volume 14 1995
The American Institute for Conservation

Analysis and Treatment of a Painting on Vellum with the Aid of a Video Microscopy System
Julie L. Biggs

The Core Collection of the Manuscript Division at the Library of Congress
Holly H. Krueger

The Use of the Ultrasonic Mister for the Consolidation of a Flaking Gouache Painting on Paper
Anne F. Maheux
Wanda McWilliams

Observations on the Penetration of Two Consolidants Applied to Insecure Gouache on Paper
Julie Dennin Ream

Photo-Reproductive Processes Used for the Duplication of Architectural and Engineering Drawings: Creating Guidelines for Identification
Judith Reed
El�onore Kissel
Erin Vigneau

18th and 19th Century European and American Paper Binding Structures: A Case Study of Paper Bindings in the American Museum of Natural History Library
Barbara Rhodes

The Triumphal Arch and the Large Triumphal Carriage of Maximilian I: Two oversized, multi-block, 16th-century Woodcuts from the Studio of Albrecht Durer
Linda S. Stiber
Elmer Eusman
Sylvia Albro

A Technical Investigation of Odilon Redon's Pastels and Noirs
Harriet K. Stratis

An Investigation of Paul C�zanne's Watercolors With Emphasis on Emerald Green
Faith Zieske