Book and Paper Group Annual
Volume 14 1995
The American Institute for Conservation

Notes from the Compiler

This is the fourteenth volume of the Book and Paper Group Annual, a non-juried anthology of papers pertaining to the conservation and preservation of works of art on paper, books and library and archival materials. This issue includes nine papers delivered at the 1995 Book and Paper Group Specialty Session, AIC 23nd Annual Meeting in St. Paul, Minnesota. I thank the Program Chair Debra D. Mayer and Assistant Program Chair Sarah Melching for their contributions to an excellent session. The success of this issue rests primarily with the authors who have willingly contributed their papers for publication. Many of the papers contained in this issue are expanded versions of the papers delivered at the conference.

This is the third issue of the Annual that has been compiled from copy submitted electronically. The various production changes over the past two years, brought about by electronic composition and digital imaging, have afforded an opportunity to give the Annual a new typographic style, designed by Mark Pollei and myself. Where appropriate, we have followed editorial specifications of The Chicago Manual of Style, 14th ed. (The University of Chicago Press, 1993).

Digital technology has had a major impact on our ability to reproduce illustrations. This is especially exciting for our field, where illustrations are so central to the meaning of our work. Today authors may submit their illustrations in the form of 35mm transparencies, the most common photographic format used in presentations. The majority of the illustrations in this issue were submitted as slides, in most cases the same slides that were used to illustrate the AIC presentation. The remainder of the illustrations were submitted as black and white photographic prints. The slides were scanned and saved in a Photo-CD® format, and edited electronically for the black and white versions published here. The black and white prints and other line art were scanned on a flat-bed scanner.

Another bonus of digital technology used for this publication has been the opportunity to simultaneously produce an online version for the Internet. The online version of this issue contains the color illustrations, where applicable, and may be found at or at Conservation Online,

I would like to thank Assistant Editor Mark Pollei for his invaluable assistance and hard work in the composition of this issue. Finally I would like to acknowledge the Harold B. Lee Library of Brigham Young University for its continued support in the production of the Annual.

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