Book and Paper Group Annual
Volume 08 1998
The American Institute for Conservation

FTIR Analysis of Coated Papers
Mary Baker
Dianne van der Reyden
Nancie Ravenel

The Need for a Re-evaluation of the Use of Alum in Book Conservation and the Book Arts
Tom Conroy

Rome Wasn't Built in a Day: Design of an Archival Conservation Laboratory
Jane Klinger Freeman

Treatment Techniques for the Vellum Covered Furniture of Carlo Bugatti
Jesse Munn

Photocopier Hazards and a Conservation Case Study
Catherine Nicholson

Potential Applications of Isinglass Adhesive for Paper Conservation
Tatyana Petukhova

Old Master Drawings: An Approach to Conservation
Marjorie Shelley

The Technical Examination of an Eighteenth-Century Wallpaper from the Wentworth-Coolidge Mansion, Portsmouth, New Hampshire ((Unavailable))
Amy Snodgrass

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