Book and Paper Group Annual
Volume 8 1989
The American Institute for Conservation


This is the eighth Book and Paper Group Annual, a non-juried anthology of papers pertaining to the conservation and preservation of works of art on paper, books and library and archival materials. The Annual has become a valuable reference and resource tool for members of the Book and Paper Group as well as for an increasingly wider audience. Its success rests solely with those who have willingly contributed information for publication and those who have served as editors and compilers. The Annualis one method by which the Book and Paper Group serves its membership. It provides an important forum for the exchange of information and ideas in this field.

I would like to extend my thanks to all those who have made contributions to this volume, and to the Harold B. Lee Library of Brigham Young University for the support it provides in the compiling and publication of the Annual. I would also like to encourage authors to submit relevant articles or contributions to future editions of the Annual so that it continues to promote our professional interests and goals.

Robert J. Espinosa
December, 1989

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