Book and Paper Group Annual
Volume 05 1986
The American Institute for Conservation

Observations on the Drawings of Winslow Homer
Roy L. Perkinson

Conservation of Russian Public Health Posters in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions ((Unavailable))
Joanna H. Mankowski

An Approach to the Conservation Treatment of Paul Klee Drawings
Elizabeth Kaiser Schulte
Margaret Holben Ellis
Antoinette King

Design and Construction of a Support for a Folding Fan
Holly Maxson

Observations on the Materials and Techniques Used in 19th Century American Architectural Presentation Drawings
Jane E. Sugarman

Conservation of Yale's Papyrus Collection ((Unavailable))
Gisela Noack

Edgar Degas in the Collection of the Art Institute of Chicago\#8212;Examination of Selected Pastels ((Unavailable))
David Chandler

Calculating the Exact Area of Loss and the Amount of Pulp Necessary to Fill Voids for Leaf Casting Operations Using a Video Digitizer System Developed for the Folger Shakespeare Library
Charles Mazel
J. Franklin Mowery

The Double-Sided Light Bleaching Bank
Cathleen A. Baker

Helpful Ideas for Conservation
William Minter

A Brief Review of the History of Sizing and Resizing Practices
Karen Garlick

Resizing Following Aqueous Treatment: Current American Practice
Walter Henry

Teaching Book Conservation Methods Within a Training Program
Gary Frost

Formal Environmental Standards for Storage of Books and Manuscripts: A Status Report
Paul N. Banks

Introduction to Disaster Planning and Recovery ((Unavailable))
Ann Russell

Cooperative and Regional Disaster Preparedness
Connie L. Brooks

Disaster Training: A Regional Approach
Richard C. Baker

Preparations to Reduce Disaster ((Unavailable))
David Fraser Mathieson

Recovery Measures for Flooded Archival Materials Including Photographs at the Frederick Law Olmsted National Historic Site ((Unavailable))
Elizabeth S. Banks

Evaluation of Post-Flood Handling and Vacuum Freeze-Drying Treatment of Archival Material: Frederick Law Olmsted National Hist ((Unavailable))
Janet L. Stone

Disasters: What Bad News, What Good News
Sally A. Buchanan

The Conservator As Collection Manager: Implications for the Profession--Introduction
Lois Olcott Price

The Conservator as Collection Manager: Implications for the Profession
Denise Thomas

The Conservator as Collection Manager: Implications for the Profession
Robert J. Espinosa

The Conservator as Collection Manager: Implications for the Profession ((Unavailable))
Mary Wood Lee

The Conservator as Collection Manager: Implications for the Profession ((Unavailable))
Marjorie B. Cohn

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