Book and Paper Group Annual
Volume 5 1986
The American Institute for Conservation


This is the fifth Book and Paper Group Annual, a non-juried anthology of papers pertaining to the conservation and preservation of works of art on paper, books, and library and archival materials. The Annual has become a valuable reference and resource tool for members of the Book and Paper Group as well as for an increasingly wider audience. Its success rests solely with those who have willingly contributed information for publication and those who have served as editors and compilers. The Annual is one method by which the Book and Paper Group serves its membership. It provides a forum for the exchange of information and ideas.

I would like to extend my thanks to all those who have made contributions to Volume 5; the authors, the past and present Board Members of the Book and Paper Group, the former Editors of The Book and Paper Group Annual, and Holly Maxson. I would especially like to thank Robert Espinosa, who was instrumental in arranging for the printing of this volume.

Finally, I would like to encourage authors to submit relevant articles to future editions of the Annual so that it continues to promote our professional interests and goals.**

Elizabeth Kaiser Schulte
November 1986

*Authors are responsible for the content and accuracy of their submissions and publication in the Annual does not constitute endorsement by the Book and Paper Group or by the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works.

**Authors of papers whose scope is of general interest to the conservation community are encouraged to submit their articles to the Journal of the American Institute for Conservation. Authors of articles already published in the BPG Annual which have been well received and have stimulated further discussion should also consider submitting them to the Journal.

To the Gentlemen Tanners in this and every other town in the Province.

I have observed that the public have been earnstly and repeatedly importuned to save rags, in order to promote the paper manufactory now carried on in this province. But I don't remember of seeing anything of this nature published by way of address to the tanners, who are able to contribute no inconsiderable part towards carrying on this essential branch of business: for it is well known that paper without sizing is but rags still; and it would be needless to inform you that this size is made of calves pates; and it is not without regret I inform you, that it is the general complaint of those gentlemen who carry on that branch of business, of the negligence of the tanners, in not saving the pates, as usual; for which reason, they have been greatly obstructed and hindered in their business. And now, Gentlemen, I entreat you in behalf of the public, to see that the pates are properly limed and dryed, and disposed of (when applied for) for the purpose abovementioned; and in so doing you will not only merit the esteem of every well-wisher to the cause of the country: but it is to be hoped, you will shortly feel the salutary effects which must necessarily arise from a plenty of paper, without any export of money.

N.B. The market-men are much addicted to leaving the skin of the calf on the head, because it looks something nicer, and will fetch perhaps the value of one shilling old tenor more; by which means there is perhaps four times that sum sunk in the community: Therefore it is presumed that no friend to the cause will buy a calve's head with the skin on; and if any should be offered to sale, it is desired that it might not only be refused but the reason assigned: And if the seller has the good of the community at heart, he will not only refrain from it himself, but will advise others to desist likewise.

Signed:(A well-wisher & promoter of American manufacture)
From: Boston Gazette and Country Journal, Monday, March 11, 1771

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