Book and Paper Group Annual
Volume 01 1982
The American Institute for Conservation

The Treatment of Oversize Paper Artifacts
Gary E. Albright
Thomas K. McClintock

Recording Watermarks By Beta-Radiography and Other Means
Nancy E. Ash

Practical Methods for Sun and Artificial Light Bleaching Paper
Cathleen A. Baker

Methylcellulose & Sodium Carboxymethylcellulose: Uses in Paper Conservation
Cathleen A. Baker

Relationships Between Colour Production in Cellulose and the Chemical Changes Brought About by Bleaching
Helen D. Burgess

Proposed Classification of Foxing
C. Eugene Cain
Barbara A. Miller

A Hazard of Float Washing: Regeneration of Papersizing
Marjorie B. Cohn

The Poster Exhibit on Solar Radiation Data
Betsy Palmer Eldridge

A Sun Bleaching Project
Betsy Palmer Eldridge

Looking Toward Developing Standards in Rare Book Conservation
Don Etherington

The Darkening and Bleaching of Paper by Various Wavelengths in the Visible and Ultraviolet
Robert L. Feller
Susan B. Lee
John Bogaard

Vocabulary for Book Conservation Treatment
Pamela Spitzmueller
Gary Frost

A Trial Terminology for Sewing Through the Fold
Pamela Spitzmueller
Gary Frost

Leaf Casting on the Suction Table
Robert Futernick

Alternatives to Conventional Methods of Reducing on Paper Discoloration in Works of Art on Paper
Keiko Mizushima Keyes

The Light Bleaching Questionnaire
Leslie M. Kruth

The Microtopography of Pencil Lead in Drawings
Richard Newman

Making Watermarks Meaningful: Significant Details in Recording and Identifying Watermarks
Catherine Nicholson