The Abbey Newsletter

Volume 9, Number 1, Part 2
Apr 1985

Outline of a Suggested Classification Scheme for a Personal Conservation Library

E. McCrady
Jan. 1984
1. Conservation, General & Miscellaneous
A. General principles
B. History & state of the art
C. Standards & ethics
D. General reference works; glossaries
E. Training
F. Intrinsic value, evidence, fakes
G. Resources (supply sources, advice)
H. Business aspects
2. Preservation (Preventive Care)
A. Administrative aspects
B. Planning & development
C. Preventive care
1) Environment
2) Physical protection
3) Handling & care
4) Exhibition
D. Copying ("preserving the intellectual content")
E. Disaster control
3. Materials and their Treatments
A. Materials: Paper, books, photos, phonorecords, film, magtapes, etc. (Under each material, include information on nature, history, deterioration & treatments.)
B. Treatments, general
C. Supplies and equipment used in conservation & preservation
D. Enemies of materials, general
4. Entities
A. Organizations
B. Individual labs, binderies & programs
C. People: biographies, lists of experts
5. Information
A. Information retrieval
B. Computers
C. Translations
D. Bibliography

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