The Abbey Newsletter

Volume 8, Number 1a
Feb 1984

Supplies &c.

Fine Linen Tapes

The Bole Hall Mill Company, of England, which recently became part of William Tolson Ltd., supplies linen tapes for sewing which some conservators judge to be the finest available. They look like airplane linen in tape form, with low bulk, high thread count, and 100% linen content. They cone in the following widths: 1/8", 3/16", 1/4", 3/8", 7/16", 5/8" and 3/4". The rolls are 33 meters long and sell for 1.03 to 2.84 ($1.50 to $4.25, approximately). The company supplies the Bodleian Library and Cambridge University Library with these tapes.

Address inquiries to the Bole Hall Mill Co., Wm. Tolson, Ltd., Fazeley, Tamworth, Staffs, England B78 3QB.

Felt Source

Commonwealth Felt Company, 211 Congress St., Boston, MA 02110 (617/423-3445) can supply felt in thicknesses from 1/8" up, all wool, at very reasonable prices ($17.56 to $70.22 for S square yards). Contact J. S. Patterson; ask for sample swatches.

The thinner felts are useful for box making (Style 2450 is recommended by one user). The thicker felts are used in book and paper conservation to hold paper flat as it dries, under plate glass and weights (Style F-IC is recommended).


Polypropylene Enclosure S

Like Mylar, polypropylene is chemically stable and suitable for archival enclosures, on the basis of our present knowledge. A variety of polypropylene protective enclosures for photographic materials is sold by Kleer-Vu Industries, Kleer-Vu Drive, Brownsville, TN 38012. The product line is "Pro-Line" and it includes clear, frosted and clear front/frosted back sleeves of different sizes, individually or on rolls. Sample packet available. The starter kit for $50 satisfies the minimum order requirement of $50. The supplier furnishes some test information about the material used, and identifies it as Hercules T500 Polypropylene film. (Hercules, Inc., is the company that introduced Aquapel many years ago, the size that made permanent paper commercially possible.) Telephone: 800-238-6001.


For Sale By Owner


Self-Adhesive Products

Filmolux (U.S.A.), Inc., is the American distributor for Neschen products, one of which is Filmoplast P. Both Filmoplast P and Filmoplast P90 are buffered in the paper and the adhesive with calcium carbonate, and are designed for use with art work and documents. The same company supplies cotton tape, closely woven and in various widths, with a self-adhesive backing (Filmoplast T); and Gudy O, a thin dry transfer adhesive. Mm. order $50. Address: 39 Comet Ave., Buffalo, NY 14216 (716/873-3480).


Testing and Research Materials

Aspergillus niger and about 120 other species of fungus, together with culture media and instructions for culturing, can be ordered from the Carolina Biological Supply Co. from their 976-page catalog, which is sent free to people who teach or are affiliated with a life science profession. CBSC's main office is in Burlington, NC 27215 (800/334-5551); west coast offices are in Gladstone, OR 97027 (800/547-1733).

The catalog also includes microscopes, slides of various microorganisms and insects, computers and software, chemistry books, molecular model kits, scalpels and blades (6 blades for $1.74), air pollution test kits, insect traps, lab hardware, and chemicals in small amounts.

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