The Abbey Newsletter

Volume 1, Number 7
Dec 1976

The Glue Scene

Soon this newsletter will carry a comprehensive article on adhesive binding, also called flex binding, unsewn binding, and (rightly or wrongly) perfect binding. It will include information furnished by Polly Lada-Mocarski and passages from Middleton and other authors.

Polly sends this information on other types of glue:

"The preferred glue-paste by most binders and restorers is a polyvinyl acetate--Elvace--Talas carries it. There is a very strong and excellent chemical adhesive for making boxes--almost impossible to pull it apart--Do not use on any books--Velverette

Slomons Labs. Inc.
32-45 Hunters Point Ave.
Long Island City, N.Y. 11101"

We have reported before now on our experience with Swift's 47136 for casing in. Its single greatest fault at this point appears to be its lack of cohesion or strength within itself. A lump or thick coat of it can be easily crumbled with the fingers after it dries. When dry, it has the consistency of slightly stale fudge. No matter how good the bond is between paper and glue, if the glue is not strong in itself, how useful is it? It takes a long time to evaluate a new adhesive. The search for an ideal casing-in adhesive goes on.

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