The Abbey Newsletter

Volume 1, Number 7
Dec 1976

Surplus Equipment for Sale

Since the new quarters are smaller and better laid out and since we have closed down the State Street shop, there are several items that we no longer need. They are listed below, together with our initial asking price, and may be viewed by appointment in Dexter. To give everyone a chance to see them, we will not sell anything until January 20th or so.

  1. 40" board shear, wood bed - $350
  2. 21 1/2" Hickok backer, antique - 350
  3. C&S turning-in machine - 400
  4. Pako print dryer - 35
  5. Blue drilling and backing clamp (part of a kit) - 65
  6. Mimeograph machine, no drum - free
  7. Rolls, small tools, sewing frames - various prices

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