The Abbey Newsletter

Volume 1, Number 7
Dec 1976

The Abbey Finds New Quarters

For seven years I have had my eye on the old West Side Dairy in Ann Arbor as a location for the bindery. It is a solid brick and stone building, set back from the street in a residential neighborhood. Late in November I found that part of the building was for rent, and two weeks later we had moved in. Just to move most of the equipment and some of the materials, it took 3 trips from Dexter to Ann Arbor with a lift-gate truck. The two heaviest pieces, the Kensol and Ludlow, were moved commercially.

Our new address and telephone are:

722 Brooks St.
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48103
(313) 995-4000

For the next few weeks we will be busy putting up shelves and arranging things efficiently, so I cannot invite many people to visit, but I can say it has 1500 square feet, the color theme is yellow and orange, and it is on the ground floor, air-conditioned, with windows. Our hours will be the same as they were in Dexter: 9-5 Monday through Saturday.

Ellen Fink

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