The Abbey Newsletter

Volume 1, Number 3
Feb 1976

A Bookbinding Status Report and Prospectus for the Future

The Abbey Newsletter is issued by the Academy Book Binder, 3225 Central, Dexter, Michigan 48130

It is mailed free- of charge to customers, amateur and professional bookbinders, and friends

Bookbinding made the New York Times on Sunday, February 8,1976. The article noted that "the art of fine bookbinding has been developed over a period of 1,500 years and its refinements are best learned from a skilled craftsman." It went on to say that there "exists one academy, the Center for Book Arts" which teaches bookbinding at 15 Bleeker Street in New York City.

The venerable Times erred. There is another Academy where bookbinding is both practiced and taught.


THE OTHER ACADEMY ... ACADEMY BOOK BINDERY has been in business over five years, binding or rebinding every conceivable type of book in lots ranging from one to 100 volumes. Our customers have been pleased by this service, but from a business point of view this "general store" approach and willingness to undertake any bookbinding project has not proved sound. Perhaps only large or newly established firms should attempt such diversity...the large firms because they can do so successfully, the new ones to develop their professional skills.

Academy is not large, and ours is not a newly-established business. Since we do not aspire to a "general store" type of operation, the time has come to limit the scope of our services by ceasing to perform certain lines of work.

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