The Abbey Newsletter

Volume 1, Number 1
Aug 1975

Medical Journals Reminder

Each year about this time we remind Ann Arbor doctors, especially those new in town, that many journals have just rounded out their January-June volumes and are now ready to bind. If you have six or more volumes to bind, the cost is $8.00 apiece and it takes about six weeks.

If you have never had journals bound before, we urge you to bring them personally to Dexter some weekday or Saturday to see examples, pick colors, and get the details straight for our records. After that, if you like, you can call for pickup at the hospital, or leave them off at Speed-A-Print on North University or Impress Copy Center on William St. He picks up daily at both copy centers.

Some Journal publishers have recently been permitting advertisers to scatter ads throughout the text, a practice that annoys many readers. I have complained, as a binder, to the AA publishing offices in Chicago, and physicians have written letters of protest to the editors of the various journals, to no avail. We are faced with the choice of leaving the ads in or removing them at the cost of about $2.0 per bound volume, which is an unattractive alternative except on the rare occasion when removal of scattered ads makes it possible to combine two volumes into one.

The journals that have recently begun scattering ads are:

Ellen Fink

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