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[AV Media Matters] SAMMA Demonstration at AMIA 2003

SAMMA Prototype Demonstration at AMIA 2003

Jim Lindner and the staff of Media Matters invite you to the first 
public demonstration of SAMMA, the System for the Automated Migration of 
Media Archives, at next week?s AMIA conference in Vancouver. 

Over two years in development, SAMMA is the first system designed for 
the automated preservation and migration of large audiovisual 
collections. SAMMA represents a major paradigm shift in the process of 
preserving and migrating AV media: SAMMA?s mobile, custom-configured 
unit transforms an archive site into a sophisticated preservation 
factory by increasing productivity and reducing costs while maintaining 
a level of quality never before possible. 

Given the multitude of audiovisual recordings in jeopardy, current 
preservation and migration methods are inadequate. SAMMA was developed 
as the solution to this preservation problem, combining Jim Lindner?s 
expertise in the field of media preservation and restoration with the 
expertise of designers and engineers in the US and Europe.

Media Matters will demonstrate SAMMA?s primary features:

* Automation: The full SAMMA processing cycle, from beginning to end.
* Quality Control: Signal analysis for metadata and exception handling.
* Productivity: Multiple, simultaneous streams in a single unit, running 
* Metrics: Unprecedented levels of consistent metrics on the single tape 
and across the archive.
* Access: Tape-to-multiple-tape or tape-to-multiple-file options for 
your end-users.
* Preservation: Breakthrough lossless preservation file format for 

Demonstrations of the SAMMA system will be held during the entire week 
of the AMIA conference in the Cortes Island room, located on the 
Discovery Floor of the Hotel Fairmont Vancouver. 

Demonstration Schedule 

Monday 11/17 ? 5PM 
Tuesday 11/18 ? 11AM & 3PM*
Wednesday 11/19 ? 11AM* & 6:30PM
Thursday 11/20 ? 10:30AM, 2:15PM, 4:15PM*
       8PM: AMIA Conference Party! Join us for wine, food and music! 
Friday 11/21 ? 9AM, 10:30AM, 4:15PM * Saturday 11/22 ? 10:30AM, 2:15PM, 

*Thirty minutes will be put aside after the demonstration for a more 
extensive technical description of SAMMA and its proprietary components. 

Media Matters will also be at Booth #19 in vendor exhibition area on 
Thursday and Friday to discuss how this revolutionary new system can 
significantly improve the methods used to preserve and migrate your 
audiovisual collection. 

Jim Lindner will talk more about digital migration and new migration 
techniques as part of the panel discussion Digital Migration: Why Does 
Data Go West? on Friday Nov 21st at 2:15pm in the Saturna Room.

Visit our web site at www.media-matters.net for more information on 

We look forward to seeing you there!

Media Matters

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