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Re: [AV Media Matters] FW: Starting an Audio Collection

Long term storage of plastic media be it CDs, vinyl, tape, cassettes,
benefits by media not being exposed to UV lights, (including regular
lights), and media should be kept dry and cool.    Storage concerns are
similar to those of your present photos.

Closed cabinets that do not contain humidity are preferred.  Do not have
handling units with condensate pans in the ceiling over storage drawers,
water will eventually leak from Air Conditioners and wet your stored
materials with disastrous results.  Better to duct in the air from units
outside the vault area.  However, a cold coil is needed to condense
of the usual office or museum air to the lower values needed for plastic
longevity.  Monitors of temperature and humidity must be provided with
alarms as well as controlling the environment.

Avoid windowed spaces where sunlight could heat the ambient internal
air, or
heat up storage cabinets.  Provide independent smoke and fire detection.

Make sure structure meets any earthquake design needs for that area.

Is your area subject to power failures in winter? Or other seasons?
provision for emergency power to maintain environmental control is

Those are just a few quick thoughts on setting up a media archive.
Stuart M. Rohre
Univ. of Tx

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